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Shooting Lodge, Llangynog

Driveway & Patio │ Llangynog, Mid Wales │ February 2022

Approached by the owners of this Shooting Lodge in Llangynog after being recommended by a local builder, this project started as the installation of a small patterned concrete area to help stop water ingress from groundwater into the building.

A task that took just under a week, the clients were so happy with the look, quality and effectiveness of the work completed that they asked us to return and continue the patterned concrete around the whole of the building and the car park at the front.

Resulting in Concrete Solutions’ largest job to date, we happily obliged and over the next 3 weeks completed a patterned concrete area that covered 660m2.

For the colour, design and style, the client wanted something that stood out but also was in keeping with the aesthetic of the building itself. To do this, we discussed several different combinations with the client before deciding on the use of the London Cobble pattern in Slate Blue. This combination provided an old cobble look, with the darkness of the colour nicely blending in with the property’s impressive style.

Helped on-site by the resident peacock, this was a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the scale of projects we can complete and the sophisticated look that you can achieve with large-scale patterned concrete.

Also, a very humbling project for us at Concrete Solutions, the client’s trust and love of our work also resulted in us completing an extra project at their main property in Newport, Shropshire.

Client Review

I can’t recommend Concrete Solutions enough, a very professional team that clearly know their trade and are passionate at delivering a first class finish which they do in abundance.

Shooting Lodge, Llanerfyl

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